Сrawfish for Sale in Europe
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Crawfish for Sale in Europe

Crayfish for Sale in Europe, Live or cooked - frozen. Crawfish Russia.



If you need to supply your personnel warehouse in Europe

it is also possible

for this please contact us via Skype.


We have our representative in Germany, with its warehouse.


We offer you an exclusive representative in your area


as well as the monthly wholesale distribution of frozen cooked crayfish

from Moscow

originating from Russia,

with all the European instruments.


Catching crayfish is made from pure waters of Russia,

because crayfish,

cannot develop to larger sizes and more programs 60-100-150,

in the polluted lake.


Delivery is only the weight of cancer

without sauce froze in a dry,

in cardboard corrugated boxes of 7-8 kg.,

as in the photo which is available on our website and on video.


Only one cooked frozen cancer

packaged in a plastic Zip-a separate bag with a zipper,

cancers that would not "stick together" and do not fall off the foot.


Cooked and frozen  crayfish, are a guarantee

that your customers never to poison from crayfish,

and you will not be loss of production,

from falling asleep crayfish,

during transport to your warehouse.


This is very important for your business.

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